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Wire to Wire: Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse Racing

Wire to Wire: Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse Racing

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Wire to Wire
Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse Racing

First Place from Start to Finish!

Whether you’re going a Mile or 250 yards, going Wire to Wire can do it all!

Want to race Thoroughbreds around the track? Maybe a Quarter Horse sprinting down a straightaway? In Wire to Wire you can do both. Wire to Wire brings the excitement of the Races to you in two different ways. If you are a “hands-on” type, you can play as a Jockey, riding one Horse, making all the decisions necessary to win the Race. For a change of pace you can play as a Handicapper, betting on each Race while the game mechanics run the Races for you.


Wire to Wire can be played solo, head-to-head against your friends, or a combination of both, with some Horses ridden by Players and others by Non-Player Jockeys controlled by the game.

Inside you’ll find:

• Two Tracks to run your races over.

• Color Horse and Stat Counters to build and track your Horses and Jockeys.

• 150 pre-generated Horses for you to use.

• Eight different distances to race over, each requiring a different strategy.

• Betting rules including exotic bets like the Daily Double and Exacta.

• All this and more…


Wire to Wire isn’t rules heavy and you’ll be playing in a few minutes. Run three Races and you’ll know all the rules. But knowing the rules won’t mean you’ll win all the time as this simple little game has a lot of strategy to it.

Oh yeah, and luck! So lay out a Track, grab some dice and get ready for some fun. Can you go…

Wire to Wire!

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