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Win or Go Home! – The game of auto racing

Win or Go Home! – The game of auto racing

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“Gentlemen! Start, Your, ENGINES!” 

Win or Go Home! is a racing game that’s probably unlike anything you’ve played before. What makes it different? It’s not the subject matter; there are plenty of racing games out there. It’s not the fact that you can take a driver and improve him/her over the course of a career.

What makes this game different is the way that you are constantly involved in the drama and story of the race. Let me explain. In traditional racing games, players roll dice and move their vehicles from square to square around a track and call it racing. Eventually, someone falls behind the leaders, realizes that they can’t win, and either quits or loses interest in the game. What’s needed then is a different way to recreate the excitement and action of real-life racing. That’s what Win or Go Home! brings to the table.

 In Win or Go Home! it’s not where you are on the track, but where you are in the pack. In this game, the cars are grouped into a pack and the pack moves around the track. What’s important is where you are in relationship to the other vehicles in the pack. EVERY TURN, you have to make decisions about passing or being passed, pit stops, drafting other cars, tire wear and performance loss. You’re always involved during every turn and things can change quickly. You might start the turn in last place but end it in first! Now, can you hang on to that position?

Win or Go Home! includes:

• Color counters and racetrack unlike others you’ve seen before.

• A game that can be played solo, cooperatively, or as a head-to-head competition.

• A system that lets non-player drivers race against players and allows the non-player drivers to follow their own strategies while remaining competitive.

• A career system that, with little bookkeeping, tracks your rise to fame in the high[1]pressure world of auto racing.

• Playable as Stock Car or Formula One racing.


Win or Go Home! – THE game of auto racing.

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