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Rebel Minis Press

Warrior Heroes: Warring Fleets

Warrior Heroes: Warring Fleets

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“They fly the Stygustanni flag my Lord.”

A Stygustanni Fleet so far west? That’s a question best answered later as you see them bearing down on your ships.

Fantasy Naval Warfare on the High Seas of Adventure!
“Send the signals – fire on my command,” you say to the drummer. He jumps to it and drums out the cadence. “Ready the guns,” the Captain says as his Crew swings into action. You’re far from any closest port and losing is not an option.

The Crews are ready, the Stygustanni boats get closer…closer…closer.

Warrior Heroes – Warring Fleets is set in the mythical world of Talomir and is compatible with Warrior Heroes – Adventures in Talomir as well as our Big Battle rules – Warrior Heroes – To Be King!

Talomir is a land where dozens of Nations vie for dominance and like other games, we've provided you with Navy Lists that describe your ships and how to assemble them for Battle. Other games allow for fighting individual Battles, but we've taken it farther, much farther.

We’ve added a simple to use, fast play Campaign System that ties all your Battles together to insure that every Battle means something. With the Warrior Heroes – Warring Fleets Campaign System, you are the Commander of the Fleet, a Pirate or taking on well-paying Merchant jobs.

And best of all; you can play solo, cooperatively against the game, or competitively, head to head.

“Fire!” The signal cannon fires one shot. A moment passes; your ships fire in unison and the Battle is on!
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