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Warrior Heroes: Legends PDF

Warrior Heroes: Legends PDF

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And in Warrior Heroes – Legends here’s your chance to become one. You start life as an independent sell sword or perhaps an inexperienced caster of magic. But whichever you choose there’s nothing special about you as you start your story. But as the saying goes…


In Warrior Heroes – Legends the goal is simple. Gain Fame through your exploits and Fortune through your deeds. Start as a Warrior but finish as a King? It can happen and it’s all up to you. But before you can be King let’s start a little smaller. Like leading a small band of adventurers.

Warrior Heroes - Legends includes:

• Multiple character classes and races.

• Over sixty Signatures and Skills to personalize your character.

• An easy to use Economics System with little book keeping.

• Quick and easy Magic rules.

• Complete environment to adventure in.

• A variety of scenarios and a how to for making more.

And much, much more!

WARRIOR HEROES LEGENDS Legends aren't born, they're made!

Warrior Heroes- Legends is a complete stand-alone fantasy immersion game. Players take on the role of one or more characters and through their decisions and exploits increase in abilities, fame and fortune. Lead you small band of adventurers across the world or Talomir finding Fame and Fortune.

Combat is swift and deadly and easily handled as is magic.

We’ve done everything to make the game easy to play yet still challenging. Book keeping has been reduced to a minimum with the goal of getting players playing as quickly and as often as possible.

Added to this is a simple to use campaign system and adventure generator that gives the who, what, and why of your games. Within minutes the mechanics will generate a complete adventure down to the motivation and actions of the enemy forces.

And all without a Games Master because in Warrior Heroes - Legends everyone plays.

Skirmish Level - Each figure represents one man or vehicle and can move independently. Players lead a group of characters on fantasy adventures.


This set of rules is supplied in a downloadable PDF. At your check out, you will be given instructions on how to download the PDF. Please contact us if you have any problems or questions!

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