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Rebel Minis Press

Warrior Heroes - Adventures in Talomir- Lagaria!

Warrior Heroes - Adventures in Talomir- Lagaria!

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What: Scenario Book for Warrior Heroes Adventures in Talomir
Your Role: Leader of a Band.
Playability: Designed for solo, same side and head to head play.

You are Alonso del Castillo, a minor Noble without lands or income and at the service of his majesty King Alfonso de Eskelin IV who has granted you, among other Nobles and Adventurers, permission to explore, chart and gather the riches of the island in his name.

Be aware that there may be other groups with the same objective, and although the Crown has ordered them to help each other, the reality out there could be quite the opposite!

Inside you’ll find:

  • 13 linked Encounters telling one Story.
  • New rules for Firearms.
  • A new Race of Lizard People – the Lagar.
  • A never before explored island.
    All this and more.

    LAGARIA – Fame and Fortune awaits!


You can use all, some, or none of the options as it is your game, but you need a copy of WHAT to be able to play. 

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