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THW Classics Presents: Edd's Pub

THW Classics Presents: Edd's Pub

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HW Classics Presents: Edd's Pubb

Edd’s Pub is a stand-alone game compatible with many THW Classics.


You could call Edd’s Pub a “beer & pretzel game” – one that’s doesn’t take a long time to set up or play. Edd’s Pub is aimed at the casual or new gamer with little or no experience, but still a challenge. Easy to use and memorize tables with few modifiers makes game play fast and always, always, different.

It’s perfect for playing solo or on the same side with your friends. It doesn’t take much time to learn yet is a fun little game. No two games will ever play out the same.

We’ve made the game simple by using troop Classes to defined Characters instead of weapons. Missile guys will shoot. Melee guys will melee. Healers will heal people. Casters will cast magic Spells.


Welcome to Edd’s Pub. Inside you’ll find a friendly staff, good food, drink, gambling, and companionship. There’s something else too, but we’ll get to that later.


This set of rules is supplied in a downloadable PDF. At your check out, you will be given instructions on how to download the PDF. Please contact us if you have any problems or questions!

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