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Talomir Tales: Talomir Adventures Scenario Book PDF

Talomir Tales: Talomir Adventures Scenario Book PDF

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The Duke’s Daughter Has Disappeared and the Captain of the City Watch Wants a Favor From You That Cannot Be Refused…

************************************* What will you find in the sewers under Altengard? Or up on Piathoe’s Peak where the Demon Lamia lives? And don’t get me started about Mirholme and the Lycaon. Mooks? That’s another story – part of YOUR Story.

Talomir Adventures contains over 80 complete Encounters ready for you to have across 10 different countries. Each set of 16 Encounters are tied together where how well you do in one Encounter influences how well you do in the next, and the next, and the next.

We could go into more detail, but the Caravan is gearing up and it’s time to go.

Oh yeah....

The Sewers are the Least of Your Problems!

PLEASE READ: This set of rules is supplied in a downloadable PDF. At your check out, you will be given instructions on how to download the PDF. Please contact us if you have any problems or questions!

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