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Morale Napoleon PDF

Morale Napoleon PDF

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It is your duty to…


My duty is to execute the Emperor’s orders. Or so the story goes. What was the actual conversation between General Gerard and Marshal Grouchy on that fateful day – June 18,1815, the battle of Waterloo, no one really knows. But it brings up a good question. In any battle it is assumed that each soldier will do his duty. From the individual soldier in the front ranks to the Commander in Chief, all are assumed to “do their duty”.


It wasn’t Napoleon or Wellington’s duty to order units to fire, charge or change formation. That is the duty of others, of the battalion and regimental officers. Where Morale Napoleon excels is in allowing players to “do their duty”. You are in charge of a Corps of soldiers ranging in size from 20,000 to 40,000 men. Once you become comfortable with the rules, you can easily double those numbers. Your duty is simple:

Have a plan. Deploy your troops to accomplish your plan. Decide where to place your reserve and when to use it. In Morale Napoleon, once you have sent your troops into action, it is out of your control, just like in real life. Did you plan well? Is your deployment correct? Will you know when the moment is right to launch the reserve? Do you have what it takes to be in command?

Regimental size formations that allow you to easily command a Corps or more. Mechanics that provide a fun game with realistic conclusions – no “gaming the rules”.

Army lists for over 20 of the nations that fought in the Napoleonic Wars – from the major players to their smaller allies.

Reinforcement tables that reflect Napoleon’s dictum of march divided, fight united.

Complete rules that allow you to pay solo or co-=operatively against the game as well as competitively, head to head.

A light book keeping Campaign System that ties your battles together while giving you a reason to fight and telling you when all is lost.

All this and much more....

You survey the battlefield one last time. On your orders, the line will advance and engage the enemy. 1st Division, veterans all, will extend the fight on the right, hopefully forming a bend in the Allied line. Once that happens you’ll give the order for the Cuirassier Division to strike at that bend and follow up their success with the Reserve. You trust your soldiers to do their duty: can they trust you to do yours?

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