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Montjoie! - The Game of Medieval Man to Man Combat! PDF

Montjoie! - The Game of Medieval Man to Man Combat! PDF

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THW Classics Presents Montjoie! - The Game of Medieval Man to Man Combat!

Deadly crossbow bolts and arrows zip back and forth. You rush the enemy and there is the press of bodies in combat, sharp deadly steel, the cries of the wounded. Victory is close, but all men fear death. Just a little more effort and the day may be yours…You cry out “Montjoie! Montjoie! St. Denis!” Will your brave French men rise to the call? Roll the dice and find out…

“Montjoie!” is a set of rules for recreating battles and campaigns from the medieval world, both real and imagined. As such, it is a real departure from what you may be used to. It doesn’t have a rigid, traditional turn sequence where players alternate moving and firing with perhaps a melee or two at the end. It is much more fluid than that with both players moving figures, firing, and fighting as a result of various reaction tests. Forget perfect plans for few prearranged plans will survive past first contact! Opportunities arise as fortune smiles on one side then the other. The victory will go to the player who learns to exploit these situations.

“Montjoie!” is terrific for head to head, solo, and even “same side” gaming where everyone is on the plays on the same side. Montjoie! also works with any figures you already may have. That’s right, paper, plastic or metal, and in any scale. They all work! So sit back, give the game a quick read and prepare for hours of fun with this simple yet challenging game …you remember fun, don’t you?

THW Classics are some of our classic games based on the original Reaction System and presented in the original format as a stand alone game.

Please Read ! This set of rules is supplied in a downloadable PDF. At your check out, you will be given instructions on how to download

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