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Mighty Armies Fantasy Basic Rule Set PDF

Mighty Armies Fantasy Basic Rule Set PDF

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Welcome to Mighty Armies, the game of clashing hordes, hollow defeats and resounding victories! You will have the chance to build and paint a great force, then march against the armies of your opponents to prove who is the greater general. The rules behind Mighty Armies are very simple and you will find you are playing in no time.

So, grab your sword, rally your standard bearers and lead your forces to victory!

So, what is in the new version of the book, you ask?

Well, you get:

-The core rules

-Build Your Own Army section

-Missions- Great Combat Missions

-Siege Rules

-A Campaign System

-and some great Mighty Armies history!


This set of rules is supplied in a downloadable PDF. At your check out, you will be given instructions on how to download the PDF. Please contact us if you have any problems or questions!

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