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Future Tales PDF

Future Tales PDF

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The Future is space ships, robots, laser guns, and much more. It’s about journeying to countless worlds and encountering all sorts of alien life. It’s about adventures of all shapes and stories of all kinds. And these stories are all yours for the telling!

Future Tales puts you in your very own Science Fiction story. Explore a variety of planets; from sprawling civilizations to barren volcanic worlds. Meet all kinds of characters; from furry little creatures, to monstrous robots. And face off against horrors never seen before.

Will you be a Soldier, defending your galaxy from a race of murderous Space Pirates? Will you jump in your ship and explore planets no one has visited before? Or will you be a Detective, attempting to learn who stole the Queen’s third hat (one for each head)?

Inside Future Tales, you’ll find: • Over 30 Attributes to customize your characters; Brawler, Marksman, Pilot, Magic and more. • A variety of characters to play as, with, or against; Stars, Co-Stars, Big Bads to name a few. • The Alien Generator, which create aliens from your favorite TV shows and movies, and some never seen before. • Rules for creating Robots of every shape, size, and purpose, as well as rules for playing as them. • Futuristic weapons like Laser Pistols, Repeaters, and even Disintegrators. • A system that allows your character to increase in Skills and Abilities when they succeed, but make life difficult for them when they don’t. • Different locations to visit, such as Space Stations, and Civilizations hidden in the corners of the galaxy. • Interactive terrain that’s simple and easy to use; from obstacles like locked doors and stacks of crates to hazards like bottomless pits, laser grids, and out-of-control machinery. • Multiple kinds of Villains to face, such as Crime Boss, Military Villain, and Rogue Robots. • Over 50 Professions for your characters and those you meet, such as Pilots, Computer Hackers, and Soldiers. • A story mechanic that moves you from Scene to Scene of your story, as you uncover Clues and track down the Big Bad. • Story Scenes that change each time you play them. No Space Battle or Confrontation will be the same. • All this and more! Like all THW games, Future Tales is made with the solo gamer in mind, can be played cooperatively against the game mechanics or competitively, head to head. Play it any way you like, it’s your game!


Future Tales is a stand-alone game, compatible with Larger Than Life – Director’s Cut and Mission St. Mary.
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