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Fortunes Won and Lost PDF

Fortunes Won and Lost PDF

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Fortunes Won and Lost allows you to adventure during the Age of Imperialism.* Explore the dark recesses of a steamy jungle. Lead a raid against enemy tribesmen. March in relief of a surrounded outpost. You can do this and more with Fortunes Won and Lost.

Why limit yourself to playing only historical games? This is a great period to make up your own countries and places to explore. ImagiNation gaming they call it. Draw up a rough map and put in a few villages. Toss in a fort or two and you’re good.

Inside you’ll find: • Six Army Lists that can be adapted for any army of the Colonial Period. • Rules for combat that work just as well for small skirmishes or big battles. • A complete and easy to track campaign system to give meaning to your games. • A variety of pre-generated games. • A low bookkeeping system to track how well you are doing. • Retirement rules to determine how you ended up after your career has ended. • All this and much more.

Fortunes Won and Lost is an easy game to play, learn and teach. It’s easy, but it’s also fun. It’s easy, but it’s also a challenge. It’s great for when you want to spend less time setting up a game and more time playing it.

While all games “can” be played solo, although not always very well, Fortunes Won and Lost is designed for solo play or on the same side with your friends. The Artificial Intelligence creates a realistic enemy for you to fight where no two games will ever play the same. Welcome to…


*The Age of Imperialism was the period between 1870 to 1914 that saw no less than eight European powers in conflict with each other and the native peoples that inhabited the lands of Africa and Asia to which these powers laid claim”.
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