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Colonial Lemuria PDF

Colonial Lemuria PDF

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Colonial Lemuria is a source book containing material for use with Larger than Life - Directors' Cut, Mission St. Mary, or Adventures in the Lost Lands.

What is Lemuria?

Lemuria - land of adventure. Old when Eden was young, it is a land of secrets both ancient and new. It beckons travelers, both experienced and new. Lost civilizations, exotic people, and strange steam driven machines open the door to a world of wonder.

Lemuria - where the established European powers of Colonial Adventure will vie with ancient peoples for control of the land and its people. To bring their bustling markets, mines, and gems under their control. Fight fierce desert warriors. Travel from steaming jungles to freezing mountains and beyond in search of great wealth.

Inside you'll find: • Ten new army lists. • Sixteen new types of unique to Lemuria animals to hunt. • A detailed map with over 25 exotic cities that will be the scene for future adventures.

Come to Lemuria and fulfill your destiny. Come to Lemuria and find fame and glory as you claim the land for the Mother country... or perhaps claim it for yourself.

It's all there for the taking, Welcome to... Colonial Lemuria!
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