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And a Bottle of Rum: Free Ports! PDF

And a Bottle of Rum: Free Ports! PDF

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All Ashore That's Going Ashore! Free Ports is our first supplement for And a Bottle of Rum, our Pirate RPG.

In Free Ports we give you not one, but two complete towns to adventure in.

• Puerto Libre - Yes, the Spanish control Puerto Libre, but there's still plenty of opportunity to make a profit.

• New Market - An open town where anything goes, New Market is the perfect pirate haven to use as your base.

• In addition to the two towns you'll also find new rules that will streamline and expand your games.

• Easier to use Character Improvement rules.

• Fifteen linked adventures. • Three new Encounters. • Circles - A quick and easy way to generate NPCs and storylines.

• Two new "diversions" that your crew can do while in port and much more.

Free Ports - The reason you became a pirate!


This set of rules is supplied in a downloadable PDF. At your check out, you will be given instructions on how to download the PDF. Please contact us if you have any problems or questions!

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