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All Things Zombie End of Days: Tales Of Dread PDF

All Things Zombie End of Days: Tales Of Dread PDF

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Zeds, Smarties, Ragers and those Slithers? I mean really, they are something else, aren’t they? WAIT. WHAT? You don’t know about Slithers? How about Gliders? No? Oh, I see. You haven’t heard about the “Special” Zombies. You know, the ones on Artigo Island. Artigo Island; you know, where the Pig Men, Franken and the rest of those Freaks that Pro-Corp made live. No, eh? WELL, WELCOME TO TALES OF DREAD.

Inside you’ll find:

• 8 new Special Zombies.

• A whole new place to adventure on – Artigo Island.

• 11 different “inhabitants” that live on the island.

• New Melee Weapons, Blast Weapons and Molotov Cocktails.

• Rules you can add to your ATZ: End of Days games. Not to mention the bonus scenario – Giving Up the Goat.

All this and much more.


It’s the End of Days. Are you ready for it?

You will need the Core Rulebook for this bonus material

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