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After the End of Days PDF

After the End of Days PDF

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“Yeah right. All those wankers predicting the End of Days. End of the world as we know it. Hey, wasn’t that a song? Anyway, when the Apocalypse did come it wasn’t the End of Days. Us smart folks found ways to keep going. With the Government gone it’s not bad actually. Not a lot of people, some small towns. Cities? Yeah, they’re still around, kind of. Just remember…"


We’ve taken the best of our Origins Award winning All Things Zombie miniatures games and added some board and counter game elements to give you a fast play, yet challenging Post Apocalypse game. The game will never play the same and has unlimited re-playability. Bookkeeping has been reduced to a minimum, with the goal of getting players playing as quickly and as often as possible. After the End of Days can be played solo or cooperatively against the game as well as head-to-head against your friends. That’s when the opposing player runs the game controlled Non-Player Survivors or their own Band. When the players run into each other; what happens next is up to them!

You can play a one-off game, or you can choose to keep the same Characters and play multiple games that tie into each other. Together they form a Campaign. We call it a Career, where the result of the last game affects the result of the next. Whichever way you choose to play; you do it without a Game Master, because in After the End of Days, everyone plays. Oh, and one more thing…


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