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Adventures with Captain Nemo PDF

Adventures with Captain Nemo PDF

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Be the Captain of the Nautilus!

Want to be the Captain of a cutting –edge Steam Punk submarine? Well, here’s your chance! Captain Nemo has decided it’s time to retire and he wants to turn his submarine, the Nautilus, over to someone else. That’s where you come in. In Adventures with Captain Nemo you’ll accompany the Captain on a series of Adventures where you can prove your worth.

Under the watchful eye of the Captain, you control the Nautilus and her crew, though a series of Adventures, both on land as well as under the sea. Complete the Adventures successfully and you will be the new Captain!

What if you fail?

Oh, that’s simple. There are many other Adventurers wanting the job so if you aren’t the best of the bunch…well, maybe there’s room for you as a First Mate, but don’t count on it.

Inside Adventures with Captain Nemo you’ll find:

A complete stand-alone game that can be played with Larger Than Life, Missions St. Mary, Chain Reaction and other THW games.

Choose to play as one of a variety of unique Characters. Eight different types of Adventures that can be played over and over with no two results ever being exactly the same. Easy to memorize land and sea combat that gives you realistic results.

A variety of Locations for you the Adventure in.

A no-bookkeeping Campaign System that tracks your Career as you play.

And of course, a specific way to track your success to see if you really can be the new Captain of the Nautilus!

All this and more!

Like all THW games, Adventures with Captain Nemo is made with the solo gamer in mind, can be played cooperatively against the game mechanics or competitively, head to head. Play it any way you like, it’s your game!


“Welcome aboard,” Captain Nemo says as he extends a hand. “I’ve heard great things about you and look forward to going on our “little Adventure” together. I want to leave the Nautilus in good hands. I hope you’ve got what it takes. Shall we go?”

Time for…

Adventures with Captain Nemo!

This set of rules is supplied in a downloadable PDF. At your check out, you will be given instructions on how to download the PDF. Please contact us if you have any problems or questions.

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