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Aces Up! WWI Fighter Combat!

Aces Up! WWI Fighter Combat!

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Aces Up! WWI Fighter Combat!

Aces Up – WWI Fighter Combat is a fast play card game that recreates the Dogfights of World War 1.

The game is easy to play, but tough to master.
Luck will play its part, but the decisions you’ll make are more important.

Knowing when to Head Home, use your Bonus Dice, or when to go Purely Defensive, can be the difference between gaining Fame & Glory or ending up in a smoking death spiral.

And the nice thing is; no two Missions (games) will ever play exactly the same.

Totally playable solo with rules for a Campaign with a simple way to gauge how well, or bad, you’re doing!


  • Rules and Scenario (23 pages)
  • 63 Cards
  • 40 Counters
  • The Battle Board (page 3)

  • The Campaign Map (page 4)


Additional Components Required:

  • Six-sided dice, referred to as d6. It is best to have three or more per player.

  • Counters to track your Pilots and Planes.

  • Cards to track Bonus Dice and your Plane. You can swap out miniatures for the Planes instead.

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