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5150 Star Army: Cestus V Campaign PDF

5150 Star Army: Cestus V Campaign PDF

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5150: Star Army – Cestus V

In 5150: Star Army – Cestus V you start as a Private and have want to rise in the Ranks and become a Gaea Prime Citizen with all the benefits.

Cestus V is a small planet in the 4th Ring claimed by Gaea Prime but not in Gaea Prime space. It’s seen its share of hard times as it’s always been a lawless place and then got invaded by Bugs. Well the Bugs finally got pushed out, it got “re-populated” and things began to settle down. Except now the Hishen have landed and that’s not good. Having the threat of the Hishen Empire on the fringe of Gaea Prime space is unacceptable… So now you’ve been sent back to Cestus V to kick them out!

Cestus V is totally compatible with any 5150 Star Army game but is a stand-alone game as well.

Incudes 16 linked campaign missions!

Inside you’ll find:

• A man to man combat system that plays quickly yet yields realistic results. Some say unforgiving results.

• A variety of units and troop types, each a bit different than the rest.

• An easy to use bookkeeping system that tracks your successes and failures as you move up or down the Ranks.

• Multiple Missions that allow for a quick and easy Campaign where the results of one Mission affects the next.

• A game system designed for solo and co-op play – designed for; not a lame “can be played solo” game.

• Play with any figures you already have or the color counters we’ve included.

• All this and much more…

“We take the war to the enemy; one Planet at a time.”


This set of rules is supplied in a downloadable PDF. At your check out, you will be given instructions on how to download the PDF. Please contact us if you have any problems or questions!

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