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5150 No Limits: The Night Terror PDF

5150 No Limits: The Night Terror PDF

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You look up at the holo-ad playing across the skyscraper in New Hope City as you slurp your noodle bowl and think “Yeah, I could use a future with no limits”.


The Night Terror is our second 5150: No Limits scenario book. 5150 is our Sci Fi universe where opportunities await behind every danger. With an unlimited number of Races and Planets you’ll never be short of adventures. Each of these books are stand alone games compatible with our other 5150 titles.

Play as the Night Terror, a new and unique alien bent on revenge - or play as the humans trying to stop it. Or play as Tobias Hallern, the Gaea Prime Psy operative - Psy being short for Psionics. Or play as Billy Pink, a Jack of All Trades kind of guy who walks a fine line between legal and illegal activity. You may have heard of him from other 5150 games.

16 Linked Scenarios giving you two complete Stories with all three Characters involved, playing each as the the Scenario requires. The Scenarios will start your career if you're a newbie, or add to your current Story, if you've played 5150 before.

Travel over four of the Nine Rings in the 5150 Universe, stopping at different planets along the way, each with their own unique opportunities and enemies. Play it anyway you like, but it all starts with...The Night Terror!

Like all our THW games, The Night Terror is made for the solo gamer (no DM required), those that want to play cooperatively against the game, as well as head to head against your friends. Each game contains a low bookkeeping Campaign to tie your adventures together, a variety of Races, Professions and Attributes to make your Characters unique, as well as an easy to learn, but challenging combat system. We could go into more detail, but first things first.

What is the Night Terror?

5150 No Limits: The Night Terror is a scenario book that can be played with the Core rules Maiden Voyage, 5150 Urban Renewal, New Hope City PI, Fringe Space and even Future Tales.


This set of rules is supplied in a downloadable PDF. At your check out, you will be given instructions on how to download the PDF. Please contact us if you have any problems or questions!
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