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5150: Missions - Infestation PDF

5150: Missions - Infestation PDF

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"5150: Missions - Infestation" is a miniature wargame Core Rules system for unlimited military Missions in a complete Sci Fi Universe. With Infestation you have the rules for all of the Scenario Books to follow.

Inside you'll find:
7 Use as you want scenarios.
16 Linked Scenarios taking you on one connected Story.
Color Card stock counters and a Battle Board to get you into the game right away.
Over thirteen Factions and Races to choose from.
A low book keeping Campaign system that lets you track how well your Character does.
Squad level man to man combat rules.

Protect your world or conquer others, the choice is up to you. Command a Squad from different Races and military units; from Rebels to the Elite ISS wearing "state of the art" Battle Tactical Armor.

All books are made for the solo and cooperative gamers in mind - no Game Master required!

Also, the rules and adventures in 5150: Missions can be used with any of our other 5150 Books, especially our companion adventure series - 5150: No Limits!

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