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on’t Call Them Bugs!

“Listen up newbie! I know what you unwarranted high regard for yourself recruits call our enemy – Bugs. A bug is something very small you see crawling on the ground. Something insignificant that you step on and keep doing whatever you’re doing. I got news for you. That’s not what these things, these Bugs, are. We’re going down into the Tunnels looking for real Bugs. When you meet one face to face, try not to wet yourself, and pray to whatever god you believe in that you get out alive. Because to them; we’re the insignificant ones.”

5150: Bugs – Into the Tunnels is the first of three books linked together to cover the Bug infestation that threatens the 5150 Universe. All three are stand-alone games. In fact, 5150: Bugs –Into the Tunnels can be used with all of our other 5150 titles.

Inside you’ll find:   

  • Complete rules covering five types of Bugs – Warrior, Worker, Flyer, Puker, and Brain.
  • A Tunnel Building system where no two tunnels are exactly alike.
  • 24 color poker card size Tunnel Sections.
  • Color card stock counters representing your Star Army Squad members and the Bugs
  • Ten different Scenarios that are linked together, building your Story.
  • Army Lists for the Star Army, Star Marines, and Planet Defensive Force.
  • Simple Campaign Rules that tie your Mission’s together, giving you a reason to play, with little bookkeeping.
  • Easy yet realistic rules allowing you to play solo or co-operatively against the game, or head-to-head against your friends.
  • All this and much more.


It’s just a hole in the ground. Nothing special about it except once you go down there it’ll be life or death…yours. Sarge designated you as the “point” man. That means you’ll be in front. Be aware and alert; your buddies are counting on you. Because, if the Bugs get the jump on you …

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