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5150 A Night at the Fights Scenario Book

5150 A Night at the Fights Scenario Book

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5150 A Night at the Fights Scenario Book

New Hope city is many things, but boring isn’t one of them. You go to the pub and recreation area of the city to taking the fights and decide to get a nightcap afterwards... You’re not looking for any trouble, so you go to the financial district. Better class of people, and better than many of the shadier parts of New Hope City... what could go wrong?

5150 A Night at the Fights Scenario Book is a 13 encounter scenario book for 5150  New Beginnings. ***You’ll need a copy of new beginnings to play***. All of the encounters are linked together. You can play some of them or all of them... as many times as you like, and it will never get the same results. A Night at the Fights uses Billy Pink and his crew, but you can switch out your own characters. It’s all about the game and it’s your game.

Now about those ZhuH-Zhuh Ganger’s... the Prophetess... that Razor patron and oh yeah, Mr. Bad Example...  Never mind you’ll see you soon enough

Hey isn’t 13 a lucky number?

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